Puppet Show October 10, 2011

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Puppet Show

On October 10, 2011

Once again the pediatrics ward shine with the visit of group of 8 adults who brought joy to the children through puppet show.  That was definitely a good example of community who want to reach for the disadvantaged children.

MAIN foundation was lucky enough to know Ms. Y, who prefers to keep her name anonymous, a common worker who works 8 to 5, yet always heart for the children. She was thinking of something positive to celebrate her birthday. Rather than spending fortune for expensive dinner and cake, she wrapped goodies for children and gathered her friends to entertain the children. She was lucky enough to know a team of puppeteers who was willing to share their talents to bless the children.

It was amazing to see beds, seats, and wheelchairs containing happy-faces instead of sick and sulky children within those brief yet precious one hour of puppet show.

The group was able not only to make the children laugh, but many volunteered to sing. One girl with end-stage cancer took off her mask after she waived her hands highly and said: ‘I want to sing ‘pelangi-pelangi’  (Indonesian children folk song: rainbow). The sick children happily sing and happily followed her leading the song.

Thank you Ms. Y and her comrades, our children’s heroes of the day.