Dongeng untuk Anak September 19, 2011

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Dongeng untuk Anak

On September 19, 2011

Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital pediatrics ward was shining with the visit of one famous Indonesian story-teller, called  Mr. Awam. Children called  him  with his familiar name: Kak awam (means: brother awam).

The telling story was attended by about 25 children who were hospitalized at the time.  Awam and his foundation called ‘Kampung dongeng’ ( Village of tale) has been known to  bring joy to Indonesian children through telling story.

The foundation itself was established since 12 years ago, and the vision is to share bright encouraging tales to the children, bring educational and motivational message. Sharing the same vision, Kak Awam was joyfully share his story with health-education content. Children were so happy, laughing and cheerfully clapping when listening to kak Awam’s animated voice and character. He was able to mimic Donald duck voice, as well as other animal’s voice and let the younger children guessed to which voice it was.

Kak Awam was so pleased to be able to share his talents and tales to the children. Entertaining sick children in Indonesian hospital is not common things to do, yet, he felt fortunate enough to be able to bless the children.  On the other hand we received good response from the children and parents. An-8-year-old girl with pneumonia and HIV who spent days in ward told her mum how excited it was to hear the story, and said the story made her gloomy days in hospital bright. She asked if there would be tales told everyday.


Kak Awam promises a future visit with more exciting story to tell. Thank you kak Awam.

Kak Awam with the children