Dongeng untuk Anak April 17, 2012

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Nothing special on Tuesday, but it was a special moment for the children in Cipto Mangunkusumo Pediatric Ward on Tuesday, 17 April 2012. Around 4 pm, the seats were set in the middle of the ward. Some of them could not sit instead lying on the bed, and some of them were carried up by their parents. They were so anthusiastic to watch the show. Not more than 15 minutes, a huge 2 meters orange doll come in front of the children and made greeting. No doubt, the children replied his greeting loudly! The doll-named “digit cobblestone” started talking a talestory. Thirty minutes later, the show was ended. As the final close, the children had a chance to take a picture with the doll. No face of afraid on them. More than that, the committee also gave souvenirs to each child. The doll had made their day. And the important thing was…their smiles were shining and they were precious…