Dongeng Kak Awam March 6, 2014

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Dongeng Kak Awam

On Thursday afternoon, some hospitalised children and their parents were already on the seat prepared in the large area in paediatrics inpatient ward, they were eagerly waiting for Kak Awam to share a tale. The crowds were soon become mesmerised listening to Kak Awam’s story.
Kak Awam and his team then also visited each bed to visit children who were not able to leave the room and shared gifts which had been prepared by MAIN. One patient even requested  kak Awam to tell more stories: ‘Kak, please, tell me a story ! I was not able to leave my room’. Soon, this patient laughed and smiled to hear Kak Awam story, despite his condition. Sick children as much as healthy children would always welcome love and care.
MAIN would love to share love and keep them shine.