Ca Family Gathering October 20, 2011

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Ca Family Gathering 

On  October 20, 2011

Help for the parents with the cancerous kids was given in the form of open discussion led by prominent  and senior Pediatrics Hemato-oncology specialist: Prof. Djajadiman Gatot, MD.  accompanied by the head of Division Pediatrics Hemato-oncology Endang Windiastuti, MD. who were kind  enough to educate the parents on how to face medical challenges with their children. They were also patiently listening  and answering all the questions given by confused and worried parents. At the end of the discussion, the parents admitted that such meeting helped them to realize how importance it is to understand what is going on with their children, and what’s to anticipate, while some felt relief knowing that they are not alone.

Thank you Prof. Djajadiman Gatot, MD and Endang Windiastuti, MD

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