Can you ask life to stop moving?

Recently, as I was driving passed by a huge billboard, what it said captured my attention: “Can you ask life to stop moving?”. Then I asked myself “what would be my answer”?.  I would definitely say : “NO”, there is nothing one could do to stop life from moving. Even more with New year and holiday season just passed, I would imagine what would some of you would think during the season: “Where to go for holiday?”, or “what to buy as gifts?”, “Which flight should I take?”, “Which hotel should we stay?”,”what’s for new year resolution?” and the list could go on, without we realizing that we are busy jotting down what-to-do-list and agree that there is no way life should stop or slow down because we can’t wait for our plans to happen.


Then I stopped and ask, is there anyone who really wish life could slow down? I could recalled some years ago when I lost my husband, the separation pain caused me to wish repeatedly for my life to stop. I also recalled many parents whose kids are lying sick in hospital, some would say: “Doctor, the future is so uncertain, and my son is dying, we are so afraid to face the future? I remember a parent told me tearfully few years ago how their life and future plan had changed after their son’s diagnosis, echoing other voices of parents whose kids are diagnosed with cancer or other severe disease.  Last month they informed me, that their son passed away with complication of neuroblastoma.

I do believe, when we face happy things or excited that positive things are right around the corner such as: wedding, birth of a baby, holiday, job promotion, whereas when we are facing pain, death, disease and calamities, we often wish we could stop the time since the future is so daunting and uncertain.


While the time is out of our control, we can control our attitude towards life. Being grateful towards what we have, will teach us better to write down more realistic new year resolution other than: better job, better shape and better look. By knowing how blessed we are, we learned to be more sensitive to those unfortunate and who wish “time  can be stopped” because painful things happened.


We know we can’t stop life and We all know new year is in front of our eyes, the question on billboard intriqued me to evaluate, how i value my life knowing i could not stop time from ticking. A friend recently mentioned, rather than focusing on his needs and boring new year resolution lists, he would do “head, heart and hands”. “Head” is how we value and see life from better perspective, “Heart” means  giving things out of the heart and “Hands” means reaching out to others who are in need.


Thank you for generous donations of MAIN regular donators, since our foundation established in July 2011 we have blessed 322 Children for their treatment and make monthly entertainment for pediatrics patients in hospital as well as health campaign for street children possible, and nothing we could do without the help of those who have implemented “head, heart, and hands” action.


It is time for you to answer the question, if you cant stop life from moving, wouldnt you like to have life that is meaningful? and Start moving for your life.


Happy New Year 2014

Mirari Judio